Algoa Cares Charity Golf Day

Venue: East London
Event Date: 28 Sep 2018

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Celebrate your heritage at the Algoa Cares Charity Golf Day in East London, happening on Friday, 28 September.

Celebrating our heritage has never been this fun! Make your tee or green look like something the Khoi San would have built, or something your ancestors would have been proud of. Find your way to bring out the pride in our 11 official languages or highlight one of our many heritage sights. There are so many possibilities when we live in a country that is so rich in culture. All ideas are to be kept in good taste and create positivity. No offensive displays will be tolerated.

This year our beneficiary is the Carel du Toit Centre.

Carel du Toit Centre is where children with hearing impairment learn spoken language through the use of hearing technology, natural learning experiences and parental guidance.

The Carel du Toit Centre East London is the only one of its kind in the Eastern Cape, where children with hearing impairments are taught to speak through the maximum use of hearing technology and the provision of parental guidance and support. At present, 90% of the children at the Centre are fitted with cochlear implants, one child is fitted with hearing aids and two children are language-delayed. Aftercare services are also provided. Their goal is to help our children acquire enough spoken language enabling them to take their place in a hearing world.

Event Details


Friday, 28 September


East London Golf Club

Closing date for entries: 

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Entries close on Friday, 7 September.

Algoa FM will be giving away R20 000 worth of generic airtime to the corporate team that goes the extra mile in decorating their sponsored tee or green to match the theme.

For more information: 

email or contact Ndileka Gysman on (043) 707 7801