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The Drive With Roland Gaspar
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Managing Director

In recognition of his contribution to Radio in South Africa for more than three decades, Alfie Jay was inducted into the South African “Hall of Fame. A skilled media executive with thirty-four years of experience, seventeen of which have been at Board level, he’s journeyed through the introduction of private radio stations licensed for the first time in South Africa and digital convergence. From being at the forefront of new technology and the implementation of modern systems, to the integration of online and social media, Alfie also researched society as it became connected 24/7 – a disruptor which fundamentally changed the media landscape. This is reflected in the quality and success of Algoa FM’s on-air, online and on-the-ground products.

You can contact him on alfie.j@algoafm.co.za; tel: 041-505 9497.

Financial Director

Since joining Algoa FM in 2021, Desiré Pratt has led the finance team which is accountable for the company’s financials as a subsidiary of a listed entity and ensures compliance with statutory requirements. She got to know Algoa FM and fell in love with the media business while serving as its external audit manager during 2019 and 2020.

Contact Desiré at Desire.k@algoafm.co.za, tel: 041-505 9497.



Dennis Karantges manages Algoa FM’s highly professional and committed sales team. Under his guidance, the team has a proven track record of developing campaigns that work for businesses of all sizes within the Eastern Cape and Garden Route. Contact the sales team on 041-505 9497 or email dennis.k@algoafm.co.za (tel: 041-505 9497) to partner with our local team and drive your business to the next level.


Mio Khondleka, a multi-talented broadcaster, musician, emcee and passionate radio person heads up the diverse team of presenters. He helps them craft the shows which ensure that listeners from the Garden Route to the Wild Coast and through the Karoo are entertained and kept informed of local and national news and sport, 24 hours a day. To find out more about the presenters, check out our DJ pages by following the links in the menu at the top of the site. Mio’s email address is mio.k@algoafm.co.za, tel: 041-505 9497.


Shadley Nash leads Algoa FM News which brings listeners the latest news and sports updates on the half hour during the main listening times. Local, regional, national and international news are covered in the hourly reports.

Algoa FM listeners tune in to the news for information they can trust. The news team is guided by the maxim of “rather being right than first” but overall, their mantra is to report the facts, do so fairly, accurately and within context. Contact Shadley and the news team through news@algoafm.co.za, tel: 041-505 9497.


Lesley Geyer coordinates trade and consumer marketing for the brand Algoa FM. Her energetic and offbeat team (they are creatives after all) is responsible for conceptualising and managing events and marketing the media house through numerous communication channels and public relations activities. The marketing team can be contacted throughmarketing@algoafm.co.za, tel: 041-505 9497.

Operations (Technical, Design and Digital Communications)

Algoa FM is at the forefront of technical innovation thanks to Chris Wright, who is responsible for all of Algoa FM’s technical, IT, production, and digital platform requirements. His team ensures that Algoa FM’s signal is clear on air, online, and via DSTV Channel 837.

He also manages the creative design and digital team responsible for the content on Algoa FM’s social media and web platforms and is the company’s Health and Safety manager. Chris can be contacted via chris.w@algoafm.co.za, tel: 041-505 9497.

Human Resources

Celeste Thomas is the person responsible for recruiting and supporting Algoa FM’s most valued asset: its people. Radio connects like no other medium, particularly when it is paired with personal appearances, social media and online channels, and she ensures that people at the media house have what it takes to deliver quality products and services both on and off the air.

Celeste is also responsible for various compliance-related requirements including B-BBEE and Employment Equity.

She can be contacted through celeste.t@algoafm.co.za, tel: 041-505 9497.

East London Office

Algoa FM’s office in East London is adjacent to the studio at the entrance to HemingwaysCasino. The team works in partnership with local businesses to ensure that they obtain maximum benefit from advertising on Algoa FM. The East London office also ensures the smooth implementation of all Algoa FM’s sales and marketing initiatives in Buffalo City and surrounds. As Key Accounts Manager, Tracey Gravett can be contacted through Tracey.G@algoafm.co.za or call (043) 707 7801.

George Office and Studio

Algoa FM connects with Garden Route listeners from a purpose-built studio and offices on the corner of Courtenay Street and Meade Street in George. Companies in the Garden Route can connect with both local customers and those within the larger Algoa FM broadcast and online footprint by contacting Angelique Strydom, who can be contacted through angelique.d@algoafm.co.za or on 060 901 2990.

Certificate-Umoya Communications (Pty) Ltd t/a Algoa FM -pdf[63]

African Media Entertainment

Umoya Communications (Pty) Ltd t/a Algoa FM together with OFM in the Free State and United Stations, a radio sales house, form part of the African Media Entertainment group (AME).

AME is a focused media group with clearly identified expansion objectives, and core interests in production, distribution, and other commercial exploitation of all forms of content for media, communication and entertainment industries.

For information on other companies in the group, click on the links.

OFM (https://ame.co.za/portfolio/ofm/)

United Stations (https://ame.co.za/portfolio/united-stations/)

Moneyweb (https://ame.co.za/portfolio/moneyweb-2/)

MediaHeads 360 (https://ame.co.za/portfolio/mediaheads/)

Central Media Group (https://ame.co.za/portfolio/central-media-group/)

Digital Platforms (https://ame.co.za/portfolio/digital-platforms/)

Mahareng (https://ame.co.za/portfolio/mahareng/)

For complaints

Algoa FM has voluntarily agreed to sign a Code of Conduct as prescribed by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA).

In terms of the code, Algoa FM is committed to reporting news which is accurate; comment that is fair and balanced, content that does not amount to hate speech, that is not harmful to children, and provides verbal and/or a written age restrictions and warnings where applicable.

If you are of the opinion that we have potentially contravened the Online Code of Conduct you may inform the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA).

Direct complaints can be emailed to the Registrar via email: bccsa@nabsa.co.za / or you can post your complaint to


PO Box 412365,



Please visit www.bccsa.co.za for more information