Blog entry 2

09:00 (GMT+2) Thu, 23 May 2019

We are in week three as the Youth of Nelson Mandela Bay, taking over Algoa FM! Another session, another day of having complete fun. On our 3rd session we had the opportunity of going on a tour around the Algoa FM studios. Going behind the scenes was the best! Radio is not just about a bunch of buttons being pressed and music that needs to be picked out. It is a whole team process and the efforts from the production to the marketing team .

Meeting the team of Algoa FM proved to us that radio is not just about the voices that we hear everyday but also the people behind the scenes. The people who put in everything so that radio can reach us wherever we are. The importance of teamwork and doing our part in each session till the 17th of June was emphasized.

Being well informed and social media management were also key points, and the fact that social media connects us to the world which contributes to the success of radio.

We are all looking forward to what's coming up next. So don't forget to catch us on the 17th June 2019

Youth Takeover.