Blog entry 1

15:32 (GMT+2) Wed, 15 May 2019

The first day of our training for the Algoa FM Youth Takeover couldn't have started any better. Excitement, panic and anticipation was written on all our faces. Meeting new friends and reuniting with friends we met the day before during our auditions was all part of the journey we were about to begin. As the programme manager Baydu Adams started our training session with a spirited welcoming and touching background of himself, we were about to learn what radio is all about. 


On our second session of training, we had the opportunity of getting to know each other by introducing ourselves & sharing a little information about ourselves. What we've learnt most importantly in our second session was that diversity plays a big role in who we are as youth. Our communities also play a role in our lives, and what we choose to be and therefore shedding light on the issues in our communities such as substance abuse and teenage pregnancy and how we as the youth can raise awareness on these issues. 


Confidence is an important virtue that was highlighted in our discussion and the importance of confidence in our everyday lives and for our Youth Day campaign. We are looking forward to taking over Algoa FM on the 17th of June and representing our generation. Radio will always be the biggest element in our lives.