Stacey Webb - Executive Director, Sustainable Seas Trust

15:06 (GMT+2) Mon, 22 Jul 2019

We have Stacey Webb, Executive Director of Sustainable Seas Trust who chats to us about plastics and micro plastics in our oceans.

Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) is a science-based organisation that works to protect Africa’s marine resources for the benefit of all who live on the continent. They are a Non-Profit Organisation that supports and connects communities across Africa through research, education, enterprise development and growing awareness about ocean conservation and plastic pollution. They also build networks for sharing information and support focused on waste management. Through their events and projects, the African Marine Waste Network, Hope Spots and Marine Education, they are bringing like-minded and passionate people together, locally and internationally, to manage the issues of plastic waste in Africa.

The second International  African Marine Waste Network Conference is taking place in Port Elizabeth in 2020.

Listen to podcast below: