Clinton Plaatjies returns to chat about NMBM's Community Waste Rangers

14:37 (GMT+2) Mon, 08 Jul 2019

This week Clinton Plaatjies talks more about the NMBM’s initiatives to keep the town clean.

The NMBM Public Health Directorate has trained and employed 18 community Waste Rangers in the metropolitan.

This programme will not only hold people accountable for illegal dumping activities, but will also create job opportunities and improve the economic state of the city.

The Waste Rangers are employed by municipality to patrol the dumping hotspots in the city and to issue fines and warnings to anyone caught.

In addition to issuing fines and warning, the Waste Rangers are also employed to educate residents in hotspots about the dangers of illegal dumping and the benefits of a clean and hygienic environment through talks and flyers.

The project is funded by a the Belgian Government who fund the Tirelo Bosha Public Service Improvement Facility, who run the project for the municipality.