Vicky Porter Marketing Manager of The Waste Trade Company

15:52 (GMT+2) Mon, 24 Jun 2019

Vicky Porter is Marketing Manager of The Waste Trade Company, and she talks about their award winning Recycling Education Programme, The Schools Project.

The Waste Trade Company (PTY) LTD was established in 1998 in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro by a man who saw the opportunity to transform other people's waste into opportunities and revenue. His love of nature and passion to make a difference was the driving force behind building a Company which would not only benefit him, but would also be the vehicle to transform and develop the lives of his employees. Since 1998, Howard Bulkin & his team continue to successfully grow & develop The Waste Trade Company.

The Schools Project

The education of our youth lies at the heart of preserving the planet and creating environmental awareness, therefore we aim to empower kids with the knowledge and principles of recycling. The Schools Project was initiated in 2009 as part of our Company's social responsibility campaign and has since signed up 280 clients in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro. Understanding the nature of children, the project was built on the following principle:

Resources.  Education.  Motivation.  

The three pillars needed to drive the success of any recycling initiative.  The Schools Project assists by providing collections at no cost and by offering various educational activities. 

Triple Bottom Line

Businesses and industries in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro now have the opportunity to donate their waste to schools. Through your involvement with this worthwhile project, your Company will become part of an enthusiastic group working towards a cleaner environment and the conservation of our natural resources for the generations to come, saving energy and assisting school in raising much-needed funds.  

In 2017 The Waste Trade Company proudly accepted the award for the Best Recycling Public Education Programme in South Africa, presented by PETCO at their Annual General Meeting, hosted in Sandton.

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