Rooney Mara: women are more interesting

22:00 (GMT+2) Fri, 23 Aug 2013
Rooney Mara hates that women are often portrayed as good and wholesome in films.

Rooney Mara thinks girls are more complicated than boys.

The actress, who plays opposite Joaquin Phoenix in Her, has revealed she enjoyed the role because women often get stuck with unrealistic personalities onscreen.

“It’s really frustrating the way that females are depicted in film and what’s available,” she admitted to CinemaBlend. “You just think about the roles that are out there for men.

“They’re so interesting and I’m sorry, but females are the more complicated, interesting sex.”

At only 28 years old Rooney has already been nominated for an Academy Award and is determined to show she is capable of representing a real woman with flaws.

“We’re just not depicted that way and that’s one of the things I loved about this is that she’s a mom,” she continued about her part as Catherine. “I’ve read so many scripts where it’s like, the protective mom and she just will do anything to protect her child and it’s so, it’s just not real life.

“No one is that, most people are not that, you know, good. It’s definitely frustrating that females are, they’re not portrayed as complicated or as interesting as they really are.”

Rooney claims she hasn’t worked since last November so she can get a sense of normalcy, but she is now ready to get back on set.

“Well, I did four movies in a row. I did Side Effects. Then I did Spike’s movie [Her]. Then I did this. Then I did Terrence Malick’s movie [still untitled]. Then I was like, ‘Oh my God. I’m never working again,’” she said.

“And that’s a long, that was a long time to take off for me. Now, I’m working in September, but I only just now feel ready to work.”

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