Kian Egan talks about Westlife's comeback straight to the top of the charts

15:43 (GMT+2) Wed, 13 Feb 2019

They're back! The UK's top selling album group of the 21st century, Westlife, have returned with their first new single in eight years, ‘Hello MyLove’, which was released on 10th January. (which coincidentally is Roland's birthday) 

‘Hello My Love’ is a soaring solid gold pop anthem featuring the band's epic trademark vocal harmonies. It was written and produced by superstar hitmakers Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac. The song is launching Westlife right back to the top of the charts right out of the starting blocks. 

Shane, Nicky, Mark and Kian announced their return to music in October 2018 to a frenzy of media coverage and social media activity. The band have signed a new record deal with Virgin EMI, with a new album to follow later this year. Westlife are preparing to tour the UK and Ireland for the first time in seven years in May, June and July, with ‘The Twenty Tour’ celebrating Westlife's 20th anniversary. The tour kicks off in Belfast on May 25th, with the run of live shows ending in Dublin on 5th July. 

How did the reunion come about? How did they select their comeback track? What are the group's plans? Are they keen to perform in South Africa again? Roland put all of these questions to Kian Egan on the air yesterday.

Listen to the podcast below.....