62 % of People have enemies at work

09:19 (GMT+2) Sat, 02 Mar 2019

According to a new survey out of the UK conducted by TotalJobs.com, 62% of people have what they consider to be an enemy at work. 1 in 3 of those people say they have lost sleep over it. 70% of the people with an enemy would consider changing jobs over it. The researchers gathered their data from 7,000 employees.

I wonder if this includes the aircon. 

Our work enemies are usually the same age as us or older . . . the same gender as us . . . and someone we interact with on a daily basis.

Oh . . . and 28% say their enemy is their BOSS.

So what makes someone an enemy? The top five reasons are: They lie to make themselves look good . . . they criticize other people . . . they always interrupt . . . they're passive-aggressive . . . and they're dismissive.


You've been invited to a wedding. When you get there ahead of time, you are told the Wedding Party is delayed. How long do you wait?

Wait until the Wedding party arrives, no matter how long
Leave immediatly
Wait for an hour
Wait for a couple of hours
It depends who is getting married