11 Things You Can Do to Be Happier at Work!

23:50 (GMT+2) Wed, 05 Dec 2018

You might only have a few weeks left of work before you take your holiday vacation, but you still may be not happy to go to work.

Whether it's because you hate your job, aren't getting paid enough, or are just tired, we all have reasons we don't like going into work some days which is why we made a list of ELEVEN things you can do at work to make you happier. Check them out:

  • Put your professional development first and figure out how you can grow and learn in your job.
  • Figure out what motivates you and use that to keep you going towards your goals.
  • Do “energy audits” and nail down how you can be well-rested for your job every day.
  • Take 10 to 15 minute breaks whenever you can.
  • Keep a “smile file” of all of your accomplishments and favorite compliments you receive.
  • Remind yourself why you took the job in the first place.
  • Be disciplined about sleep and a work/life balance.
  • Turn yourself off at the end of the day so you’re not working 24/7.
  • Build your network so you have a collection of relationships in your professional life.
  • Limit time with negative coworkers so the "Negative Nancies" in your office can’t bring you down.
  • Talk to your boss more often so you have a good relationship with them.


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