The Secret to finding True Love is Easier than Thought

06:40 (GMT+2) Sun, 13 Aug 2017

Research by the University of Texas may have found the secret to finding your true love.

Despite what people say about dating friends, apparently, it’s actually the best formula for a good relationship. 

Researchers say that the longer you’ve known someone, the more attractive you’ll find them. 

When you date people you’re already mates with, you already know everything there is to know. And you already like them for it.

You know what sort of place you’d both enjoy going for dinner. You have an easier time when it comes to meeting each other’s mates and families because it’s almost less of a big deal and chances are, you have more in common with their friends – because you too are their friend first and foremost. 

Only someone who knows you well can make you laugh until you feel sick. Only someone you have a really solid friendship with can challenge you on the big issues.

Also, the fact that you still like them enough after four months (or more) to be hanging around with them suggests that perhaps your connection goes a lot deeper than 


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