Canadian Jeweler makes Rings out of breast milk.

16:53 (GMT+2) Fri, 11 Aug 2017

When Valentina López Brito gave birth to her son five months ago, she wanted something special to commemorate the life she created.

The mother of four breastfed all her children, describing the experience as “beautiful.”

“It’s something of us, of him and me, only ours. My body produces it by him and for him. It’s like our secret,” she said.

She turned to Karine Lajoie, a Quebec jeweller currently living in British Columbia, who turns breast milk into unique pieces of jewelry.

“With four kids, they are always playing with whatever that hangs on me — earrings, necklace — so, a ring is perfect,” López Brito said.

“[It] is on the same finger with my wedding ring, so altogether.”

Lajoie told Global News she discovered breast milk jewelry about a year ago through designers in Australia and the United States.

She explained she puts the breast milk through a process of solidification and preservation to be then worked with resin.

The process takes about a week before the jewel is set aside to dry before being molded into something wearable.

“Making it a tangible, durable and beautiful jewel,” she explained.


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