On the Show today. Roadblocks and Water

14:40 (GMT+2) Mon, 09 Jan 2017

We were talking about roadblocks on the show today. Question was when was the last time you were stopped by police or traffic officials

We went to Durban from the 23rd Dec to 3rd of Jan and got 5 roadblocks going there. Delayed my trip by an hour and we didn't mind it at all. Coming back not one roadblock but 4 fatal accidents. So the roadblocks work if you ask me

Michael in EL,about 12 years ago my broyher and I were riding thru Mdantsane,he still had his Toyota Corolla.A cop pulled us over,and my brother thoght what now?So the cop comes to the window and asks my brother,how much do u want for this car?True story!

Mio was suprised to see how brown the water coming out of the tap over the weekend. It seems like its not new. 

Can u please find out y the water in Uitenhage tastes and smells like Swartkops river. It's disgusting and we can't drink it.

If they flush the waterlines before it goes back on line there will not be durty water.....??do THEY know how...???

Water in Old Bethelsdorp taste like soil. They need to check the quality of the drinking water.

Hello mine was like that yesterday Neo im in Zwide....

Hi Mio, The dam's are very low, hence the brown water. I don't believe anyone can assist. I don't believe more chlorine will make the water clear. Fay


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