Are You Better at Adulting Than Everyone Else?

07:54 (GMT+2) Wed, 04 Sep 2019

Are you better at Adulting than Everyone Else? 

How many of these things can you do? What is your score out of 10? 

1. Can you swallow a pill fairly easily? 

2. Can you neatly wrap a gift?

3. Do you know how to write a check/cheque? 

4. Could you sew a button back on? 

5. Can you fold a fitted sheet?

6. Do you regularly have the oil in your car changed?  ( bonus if you can change it) 

7. Can you kill a spider without screaming? 

8. Do you always put your laundry away right after it's dry? 

9. Do you make your bed every morning? 

10. Can you change a flat tyre? 


What causes the Biggest issue at Work?

No Water
Slow Internet
No Phone Lines
Annoying Colleagues