ANC supports Andile Lungisa in PE assault case

16:25 (GMT+2) Mon, 15 Apr 2019

The ANC in the Eastern Cape has weighed in on the assault conviction against one of its councilors, Andile Lungisa.

Lungisa is currently appealing his sentence of an effective two-years in prison for assaulting DA Councillor Rano Kayser with a glass jug during the now-infamous Council brawl of 2016.

Speaking on the sidelines of the party's caucus into the challenges faced by the ANC-led coalition in the Metro on Monday,  ANC Provincial Chairperson Oscar Mabuyane said the Party's National Executive Committee had looked into the matter.

Mabuyane said Lungisa's case should be dealt with through the ANC's internal disciplinary processes as it would be unfair to solely judge him on the outcome of a sentence which is currently under appeal.

He said for this reason, the ANC had given Lungisa time to appeal his conviction as it was his constitutional right to appeal to the last court available to him.

Addressing the issue of the coalition government between the ANC and the United Democratic Movement in Nelson Mandela Bay, Mabuyane said it remains intact - for now.

He acknowledged, however, that the lack of service delivery and recent SMME related murders in the Metro signaled troubled governance.

Mabuyane said the caucus planned to rekindle the spark within the party's regional leaders in the Metro.