Habitual criminal arrested for Kelly Bain's murder

07:30 (GMT+2) Mon, 04 Feb 2019

A 'habitual criminal' who is currently behind bars for alleged murder and eight charges of housebreaking, has been arrested for the murder of a young Port Elizabeth mother, Kelly Bain.

The 26-year-old Bain was murdered in her townhouse in Brymore in July last year, whilst her one-month-old baby was sleeping.

The Mount Road Cluster made this significant breakthrough when DNA finally linked a suspect, who is in custody, to the murder.

The 27-year-old Sizwe Jika was first arrested in September last year but made a daring escape through a window at the Walmer Park police station.

Police eventually tracked him down in Aliwal North in October.

Police Spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu says Jika's DNA also linked him to another murder in May last year in Kamma Park.

The 86-year-old Ann Smit was brutally assaulted in her home and later died in hospital.

Naidu says Jika has already been found guilty of 12 other cases of housebreaking and theft committed since 2007.

He will appear in court on Monday for Bain's murder and a case of escaping from lawful custody is also pending against him.

Jika will also make another appearance this month for Smit's murder.