No more showers at Walmer Country Club!

15:36 (GMT+2) Fri, 09 Feb 2018

Walmer Country Club in Port Elizabeth has announced drastic efforts to assist the Metro in saving water.

General Manager Mike Viviers says golf courses are often seen as water wasters even though they use borehole water to irrigate.

He says the Water Board has planned a visit to the club on Monday to discuss its water usage and what the club can do to assist in combating the debilitating drought.

With this in mind, the committee has unanimously decided to turn off the showers at the Golf Club and Squash Club from Monday the 12th of February.

Viviers says it might be considered a drastic step but that the club has noted a marked increase in its water usage since residential restrictions were put in place.

Viviers promised that the beers will still be cold and appealed to the golf and squash community to continue supporting the club during this water crisis.