NMB needs another fortnight to fix collapsed Sundays River canal

18:38 (GMT+2) Fri, 19 May 2017

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality said that it might take up to two weeks to repair the water canal in the Sundays River Valley, with the Eastern and Northern parts of the Metro likely to be severely impacted.

The Director of the Metro’s Water and Sanitation Services, Barry Martin, said they have put measures in place to reduce the impact.

The canal, running through a Kirkwood farm, was destroyed in a landslide on Wednesday, cutting off the main water supply to the Nooitgedacht water treatment facility.

Martin said the extent of the damage to the canal was still being assessed, but in the meantime they'll be installing Jojo water tanks and transferring water from other canals to the affected areas.

“We are going to bring more water in from the Western part of the Metro, with the blessing of Water Affairs, and transfer that water through to the Eastern and Northen parts of the Metro,” he said.

Martin urged residents that aren't affected to use water sparingly so as to aid those who are being affected.

“If we drop the water demand in the Metro and each one plays a role we can get through this with as little inconvenience as possible,” Martin said.