Ettienne Scheepers takes legal action against Facebook admins, following death of family

11:47 (GMT+2) Thu, 14 Nov 2019

Ettienne Scgeepers who is the husband of Heidi Scheepers who died with their two young children last month has taken legal steps against two administrators of a Facebook page.

Ettienne Scheepers claims through his attorneys, A Chimes van Wyk, that this page called "Murder she wrote investigations and discussions" is nothing more than a platform where he is being grossly defamed and which has caused and continues to cause him grave reputational harm as well as to his business interests.

In a letter addressed to the Administrators of the Facebook page, Theresa Mathews and Chantall Strydom Dobson, are being warned that they are personally liable and responsible for what they allow on the page.

Some of the discussions on the Facebook page accused Scheepers of killing his wife, plotting her murder, having an affair and driving his wife to suicide.

Heidi and her two children were killed in October when their VW Caravelle was found partially submerged in the ocean at the bottom of a 100-meter high cliff at Voëlklip.

The bodies of Hugo and Heidi were found soon after the wreckage was spotted and an autopsy revealed that both had died as a result of drowning.

The body of their six-year-old daughter was never found and the search has since been called off.

Ettienne Scheepers is now seeking financial compensation by way of damages for defamation.

The page admins have also been instructed to permanently delete every post and comment about the Scheepers family and to not allow any further comments on the case.

A deadline of 2 pm on Thursday was given for Mathews and Dobson to comply.

One of the page administrators has since asked members of the page to urgently remove their comments.