Mandela Foundation to bring charges against Ernst Roets following 'old flag tweet'

11:43 (GMT+2) Fri, 23 Aug 2019

The Nelson Mandela Foundation says it will be bringing charges against Ernst Roets, the deputy CEO of the civil rights group, Afriforum.

This, after Roets, posted pictures of the old South African flag on Twitter, just hours after the Equality Court ruled that the gratuitous display of the Apartheid-era national flag constitutes hate speech, harassment and unfair discrimination.

Nelson Mandela Foundation spokesperson, Luzuko Koti, says they believe that Roets' actions were in bad faith, in contempt of the court ruling as also disrespectful to the Deputy Judge President of the High Court.

He says they asked their legal team to draw up the necessary papers to declare his Tweet as hate speech.

Koti says the fact that a ruling was made in court Roets' actions would have to be tested in court.

Roets told Algoa FM News that he was consulting Afriforum's legal team before responding.