WATCH: Eyewitness footage shows smoke coming from Wonderboom plane before crash .

08:26 (GMT+2) Wed, 11 Jul 2018

One person has died and approximately 20 people have been injured after a plane crashed in Wonderboom, Pretoria, ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring said on Tuesday. 

"Their injuries range from minor to critical," he said. 

Meiring said there were two air ambulance helicopters on the scene. He said he was not able to comment on what caused the accident at this stage. 

"Initial reports from the aircraft crash in Wonderboom [say it] has left allegedly 20 people injured, at least one critically," ER24 tweeted. 

Best Care ambulance services' Xander Loubser said reports indicated that the charter plane was carrying passengers on an international flight.

He said the pilot was in a critical condition following the crash.

Emer-g-med's Jurgen Kotze, who said they were the first responders to the accident, said four people, including the pilot, had sustained critical injuries. 

"The pilot is still entrapped in the cockpit of the airplane and sustained critical injuries. We are still treating him on scene," he said.

Kotze said the remaining passengers' injuries range from minor to moderate.



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