Just Delicious Easter

09:32 (GMT+2) Mon, 15 Apr 2019

Easter Egg Nest Bread with Chocolate Drizzle and Candied Bacon

Smooth bread dough is rolled out, spread with creamed vanilla butter and cut into strips, which are twisted and shaped into nests. The nests are topped with easter eggs and baked until golden brown, then drizzled with a mix of white and dark/milk chocolate and served with #JustDelicious rashers of candied bacon.

Continental Breakfast with Hot Cross Scones and Pork Sausages

#JustDelicious scones are cut out of a sweet, spicy dough and iced with a cross before being baked to golden brown perfection and served with butter, jam, cheese and juicy traditional pork sausages.

Orange and Ginger Glazed Mini Eisbein with Roasted Onion and Sweet Potato Salad

#JustDelicious Mini Eisbeins are rubbed with harissa spice, glazed with apricot jam and placed in an orange juice bath, then slowly oven-baked until cooked and tender. After cooking, the eisbeins are covered with an orange and ginger glaze, then returned to the oven until the glaze is golden and sticky. Serve with a roasted onion and beetroot salad.

Star Anise and Coffee Glazed Gammon with Baked Rosemary and Black Pepper Beetroot

A #JustDelicious gammon is placed in a casserole dish with star anise, quartered onions, crushed garlic and chopped red chillies, covered with filter coffee and treacle sugar, and slow-roasted for an hour. The star anise and coffee mixture is reduced and the glaze is poured over the gammon. Serve alongside baked rosemary and black pepper beetroot with a Greek yoghurt dressing