Just Delicious Lunch Box Meals

08:33 (GMT+2) Mon, 08 Apr 2019

Stuffed French Toast Waffles with Pulled Pork and Spicy Sweet Chilli Mayo

#JustDelicious sandwiches filled with smokey pulled pork, sharp white cheese and fresh chives are dipped in a mustard and egg mixture, then toasted in a waffle iron or frying pan until crispy and golden brown. Serve with spicy sweet chilli mayo dip.

Pork Steak Wraps with Lime and Basil Pesto 

Strips of #JustDelicious Pork Neck Steaks are seasoned with salt, pepper and thyme, fried and dressed in lime zest and juice, then layered on a wrap with crispy marrows, baby spinach, fresh mint, mixed seeds and a nutty pesto and yoghurt dressing. Fold over and serve fresh or toasted.

Grilled Cheese Hot Dogs with Sweet Mustard Mayo

Hot dog rolls are spread with butter, topped with cheese and toasted open side down until the cheese has melted, then topped with spring onions, rocket, gherkins and #JustDelicious pan-fried red viennas. Serve drizzled with a sweet mustard mayo sauce.

Spicy Hot Cross Buns with Crispy Bacon and Creamy Brie

Sweet and spicy hot cross buns are filled with crispy round cut bacon, slices of creamy brie and a spoonful of sweet tomato jam.