Just Delicious light, refreshing and filling dishes that only use 5 ingredients

14:32 (GMT+2) Mon, 11 Mar 2019

Prego Steak & Watermelon Salad

A bed of fresh baby spinach is topped with pan-seared watermelon cubes and thick strips of our Just Delicious Prego Steaks, then drizzled with a creamy basil pesto yoghurt dressing and seasoned with freshly ground salt and pepper.

Zesty Spinach & Bacon Salad

Shredded spinach, Just Delicious crispy fried bacon cuts and sautéed leeks are mixed with egg yolks and lemon flavoured olive oil to create a crunchy, zesty salad.

Potato & Polony Rosti

Potatoes and French Polony are grated, seasoned and combined to form a Just Delicious rosti mixture, which is flattened into discs and pan-fried until golden brown. Each rosti is served with a generous spoonful of zesty whipped feta and a topping of your choice.

Harissa Spiced Chickpea and Pork Rasher Salad

A crisp layer of mixed lettuce is topped with sliced peaches, harissa-spiced chickpeas and shavings of mature white cheese followed by smokey, bite-sized cubes of Eskort’s  Just Delicious BBQ Pork Rashers.