Just Delicious leisurely lunch

11:06 (GMT+2) Mon, 04 Mar 2019

When the weekend rolls around, there’s nothing better than relaxing and enjoying a Just Delicious leisurely lunch with family and friends.

Butter & Tequila Pork Fillet 

A Just Delicious Pork Fillet is seasoned with salt and pepper and fried in olive oil, creamy butter and tequila, then sliced into medallions. Cooked brown rice is fried with paprika, ginger, garlic and cayenne pepper, then steamed with tender stem broccoli. Serve with deep-fried wild mushrooms and garnish with beet and onion sprouts.

Ham & Hummus Green Salad

Roasted green peppers are blended with chickpeas, spring onion, garlic, lemon and olive oil to form a smooth hummus, which is generously spread across a large plate, then topped with a mixture of marinated peas, green beans and ribbons of baby marrow. Just Delicious slices of double smoked ham are added on top, followed by peppery watercress.

Coleslaw with Bacon & Creamy Berry Dressing

Sour cream, red wine vinegar and berry jam are combined in a bowl to create a sweet, tangy dressing. Shredded cabbage is added and mixed in until all of it is evenly coated. Add a portion to a plate then top with Just Delicious crispy back bacon and toasted cashew nuts. Serve with thinly sliced Granny Smith apples and garnish with toasted nigella and poppy seeds.

Couscous Chicken Salad 

Cooked couscous is combined with fried onions, caraway seeds, cumin, salt and pepper, topped with slices of #JustDelicious chicken polony and a mixture of rainbow tomatoes marinated in a zesty herb dressing. Garnish with basil and serve.