Just Delicious quick and easy dinners

09:27 (GMT+2) Mon, 18 Feb 2019

Making a Just Delicious dinner doesn’t have to take much time or effort! 

The Eskort chef has created quick and easy dinners that offer double the flavour in half the time.

Pork Neck Steak & Aubergine Salad

Just Delicious pork neck steaks are seasoned, pan-fried and added to a bowl of oven-baked aubergine slices, julienned celery stalks and fresh parsley leaves, then coated with a spicy coconut cream sauce and served with butter-fried crusty bread slices.

Bacon & Anchovy Toast

Crispy fried bacon and anchovy fillets are added to a food processor with seasonings and olive oil, and blended until a Just Delicious smooth paste forms. The flavourful bacon and anchovy paste is spread onto toasted slices of rye bread and served topped with tomato scrambled eggs.

Cheese Griller & Fennel Salad

Fresh baby spinach, mint leaves and cucumber ribbons are added to a large bowl and dressed with olive oil and lime juice, then topped with Just Delicious pan-fried cheese grillers and thinly sliced fennel bulbs. Serve drizzled with a creamy cumin and chilli mayo.

Jalapeño Mayo Hot Dog

Fresh hot dog buns are sliced and butter-toasted, filled with peppery rocket leaves then topped with a Just Delicious smoked vienna followed by layers of thinly sliced red onion and deep-fried grated sweet potato. Serve dressed with spicy jalapeno mayo.