Holiday braai time

12:59 (GMT+2) Mon, 03 Dec 2018

The Eskort chefs bring you four great braai recipes that will be a hit this festive season.

 Marinated Loin Ribs with Stuffed Spinach and Corn Bread

#JustDelicious Marinated Loin Ribs are braaied over medium-hot coals until cooked and served with a deliciously cheesy cornbread and a bacon-wrapped stuffed spinach roll filled with a mixture of cheese, chives, and sundried tomato.

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Bacon Jam with Stokbrood

Strips of buttery dough are wrapped around skewers and rotated over hot coals until golden and crispy. Once cooked, the stokbrood is brushed with butter and served with a #JustDelicious Bacon Jam made with golden syrup, garlic, chilli and a healthy tot of brandy.

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Whiskey Butter Kasler Chops & Bread salad with Onion

#JustDelicious Kassler chops are marinated in a peppery onion and whiskey butter, then grilled over the coals until cooked. Serve with a crunchy bread salad seasoned with garlic, chives and pepper, and zesty cream cheese dressing.

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Pork Fillet Espatada with Flavoured Butter and Fresh Herbs

Medallions of #JustDelicious Pork Fillet set on skewers, drizzled with olive oil and salt then cooked over the fire until done. Serve straight from the coals on a thick slice of fresh bread topped with a zesty garlic and paprika butter.

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