09:18 (GMT+2) Mon, 26 Nov 2018

Make your family's road trip a tasty one, with these great recipes from the Eskort kitchen.

Rib Burger Steamed Buns

Eskort’s #JustDelicious rib burger and an appetising mixture of red onions, sage and white cheddar are sandwiched between two flattened pieces of dough, brushed with olive oil and steamed over boiling water until cooked. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Flapjack roll ups for the road

Creamy buttermilk flapjack batter is lightly flavoured with castor sugar and vanilla, then poured into a hot pan and cooked until flapjacks are golden brown. Each flapjack is spread with cream cheese, sprinkled with white cheddar, layered with a pan-fried mixture of leeks, spinach and feta and topped with a #JustDelicious red vienna before being rolled up to serve. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Bacon Rusks for the road

A thick, sweet buttermilk rusk batter is combined with crunchy pumpkin seeds, caramel chips and #JustDelicious crispy bacon then baked and stored overnight to cool. Slice into equally sized fingers and slow-baked overnight to dry out before storing in airtight containers. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!

Garlic Polony Omelette

A velvety batter made of cream, lemon juice and eggs is fried in butter until cooked, filled with a thin layer of apricot jam, yellow cheddar, spring onion and Eskort’s special garlic polony then folded in half to create a #JustDelicious garlic polony omelette. Visit for this and other #JustDelicious recipes!