Just Delicious Doubly Delicious Lunches

11:42 (GMT+2) Mon, 30 Sep 2019

Prego Kebab on Fried Flatbread with Spiced Butter & Red Onion Yoghurt Dressing

Succulent prego steak and shallot skewers served on a fried flatbread spread with spiced butter, drizzled with a red onion yoghurt and garnished with micro herbs 

Ginger Beer-Braised Pork Belly with Plum,Aubergine & Pak Choi Salad

Pork belly slow-baked in a bath of ginger beer, fresh gingerroot and garlic served with an Asian-inspired salad of baked aubergines, pak choi and plums with a tangy soy and lime dressing.

Marmite & Honey Pork Fillet with Spicy BakedSweet Potato

Tender, oven-cooked pork fillet slathered in a marmite andhoney marinade, paired with baked sweet potato and drizzled with an olive oil-based chilli and apricot jam dressing.

Bobotie Frikkadels in Yoghurt with ChilliScrambled Eggs on Coriander Rice

Mini frikkadels with bobotie spicemix and plain yoghurt, served on coriander rice topped with a chilli egg scramble and sour cream.