Just Delicious Best of Bacon

08:46 (GMT+2) Mon, 24 Jun 2019

Bacon and Caramel Ice Cream

Homemade vanilla ice cream is swirled with sticky sweet caramel and crispy bacon, frozen overnight, then scooped into sugar cones and served drizzled with melted dark chocolate, white chocolate and caramel.

Toasted Bacon & Egg Wraps with Masala Cherry Tomatoes 

Butter-toasted wraps are spread with yoghurt, topped with a fried egg, Just Delicious crispy bacon and spicy masala cherry tomatoes, then garnished with parsley and coriander. Serve open or folded.

The Mega Bacon, Cheese & Mushroom Gourmet Burger

Toasted buns are spread with zesty lemon mayonnaise and layered with wild rocket, a large handmade Just Delicious bacon and beef patty, a gorgonzola-topped giant mushroom, more zesty mayo and a wheel of oven-baked brie cheese, and served with crunchy veggie crisps.

Bacon & Ginger Mille-Feuille with White Chocolate Truffles

Sheets of puff pastry are spread with Just Delicious bacon, baked until crisp and sliced into fingers then filled with ginger-infused mascarpone mousse and served decorated with a white chocolate truffles, candied ginger and edible flowers.

Eggs Benedict with Bacon & Sage

English muffins are toasted until golden-brown, buttered and layered with bacon and sage, poached eggs and a generous spoonful of creamy hollandaise sauce then served garnished with fresh herbs.