Jeff talks living the ‘sweet life’ with Bridget Mcnulty on World Diabetes Day

09:15 (GMT+2) Wed, 15 Nov 2017

Diagnosed herself with type 1 diabetes ten years ago, Bridget McNulty is a journalist, author, and editor of Sweet Life diabetes online lifestyle magazine. She co-founded Sweet Life in 2011 to show that it is possible to live a happy, healthy life with diabetes. She currently spreads awareness through speaking about diabetes to companies and organizations as well as the Sweet Life website and Facebook page, Diabetic South Africans. Bridget joined Jeff on World Diabetes Day to share her wealth of knowledge about both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Take a listen.

Since being diagnosed with diabetes, Bridget Mcnulty has won the Novo Nordisk Media Prize for reporting on diabetes and, joined by her husband Mark Peddle, she travelled the world for six months to raise diabetes awareness and to inspire people with her positive approach to the disease. The Sweet Life online magazine can be found by going to You can find the online community by going to  Diabetic South Africans on Facebook.