Jeff talks the page turning book that is 'Dying to Live' with author Michael Stanley

10:25 (GMT+2) Mon, 17 Jul 2017

Well, in truth his name is Michael Sears, and he is one half of a highly successful writing partnership, his ‘other half ‘ being Mr Stanley Trollip, hence the pen name. Of course Jeff does not give away the plot of this sixth crime novel to feature the humble and endearing Detective Kubu, but suffice it to say that he could not put the book down. He loved the book so much that he requested an interview with at least one of its authors. Take a listen as he takes a behind the scenes look at what it takes to write a novel of this nature. It made for a great interview. Thank you Michael!



About the novel :

 A Bushman is discovered dead near the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Africa. Although the man looks old enough to have died of natural causes, the police suspect foul play, and the body is sent to Gaborone for an autopsy. Pathologist Ian MacGregor confirms the cause of death as a broken neck, but is greatly puzzled by the man’s physiology. Although he’s obviously very old, his internal organs look remarkably young. He calls in Assistant Superintendent David “Kubu” Bengu. When the Bushman’s corpse is stolen from the morgue, suddenly the case takes on a new dimension.