New book designed to make it easier to understand laws of rugby

12:53 (GMT+2) Thu, 07 Dec 2017

Making rugby’s laws easier to understand for all is the objective of the simplified law book, which will be introduced globally from January 1, 2018. 

Approved at the November World Rugby Council meeting, the simplified law book is designed to make the laws easier to understand while not altering the meaning of them or how the game is played.

The book is the product of nearly two years’ work by a specially constituted group of experts and follows a comprehensive consultation and feedback process with World Rugby’s 121 member unions and all six regional associations. 

The eight-person group includes law experts, referees, a club coach, a sports scientist as well as a web designer/illustrator.

The result is a law book that is more logically laid out, clearer in its explanations and, with various repetitions and contradictions removed, 42 percent shorter than the current version.

World Rugby Chairman Bill Beaumont said: “As our game continues to grow around the world, we continue to strive to make the sport as accessible to all. 

“The laws can be difficult to understand for new participants and fans and the new law book goes a long way towards simplifying it and making it easier to understand for players, coaches, referees and the viewing public.

“This has been a truly collaborative effort with every union given the opportunity to contribute. I’d like to thank them and the working group for their full commitment to an extensive and important process. 

“I believe what they have produced will make a big difference to the game as we seek to make rugby more accessible to all.” – African News Agency