Frank Ocean changes Instagram profile from private to public

08:15 (GMT+2) Fri, 11 Jan 2019

Frank Ocean changed his Instagram profile from private to public because of the way he was being portrayed 

When speaking about how the media portrayed him he said " it isn't even close to being correct".

Ocean had been secretly posting to his fans since May 2017, under the username "@blonded".

When he eventually decided to make the change, his following increased from 400,000 to 1.2 million.

Ocean says he made the change so he can be in "control" of his public image.

In an interview with February's edition of GQ Magazine, he explained: "I feel like there was dissonance between how I was seen by the audience and where I was actually."

"I feel like between the numbers of zero to ten, in between every number there's infinity, you know? "

"I would describe a person as the space between the symbols, beyond the language."

"That dissonance, the word being a big container for how I was feeling ... the way I was seen was not even close to correct."

"It's still not correct, either."

Ocean rarely gives interviews but feels that when he does, the focus tends to be on the one thing he's working on, which makes the "stakes higher".

He concluded: "With some pop stars, the idea of them is maybe more balanced or fully formed: a half-dozen magazine covers, x amount of interviews, a daily influx of media."

"When you're completely minimal with media, there's a lot of pressure on the one thing you're doing, the stakes are higher."

"Social media helps that, 'cause you're fully in control and can message that how you want."