Thomas Markle Jr invites Meg and her prince to his nuptials

08:02 (GMT+2) Thu, 10 Jan 2019

Thomas Markle Jr has said that he will be formally inviting Meghan and Prince Harry to his nuptials in March of this year in a last-ditch attempt to reconnect the estranged family.

The 52-year-old window fitter confirmed to the Daily Mail that he has in fact already sent an invite to the expectant couple.

Thomas Jr has been engaged to his 38-year-old girlfriend Darlene Blount for two years. There are no other details for the upcoming wedding aside from the month, but it does seem rather unlikely that Meghan and her prince will accept. March is round about the time that the royal baby is said to be making its appearance, now that’s as good an excuse as any, not so Meg?