Drew Barrymore says no playing safe on the red carpet

07:58 (GMT+2) Thu, 10 Jan 2019

Drew Barrymore has slammed celebrities for "playing it safe" on the red carpet.

She thinks stars are too worried about being criticised for their outfits at high-profile events so they would rather be conservative than shake things up.

Speaking on UK TV show 'This Morning', she said: "I miss the days of Björk and the swan or Cher and Bob Mackie. "

"It's like, let's do this! It's a red carpet, why is everyone playing it so safe?"

"I think because we got so into this culture of critiquing people on the red carpet that no one wants to be the butt of the joke."

"People just need to not care  about haters or critiques and just put on a show, because that's what the red carpet is for."

"When it comes to her own red carpet style, she refuses to "hold back".

She added: "I have always been playful and artistic and expressive. I have never believed that you have to hold back, or regret, or not have fun with your make-up."

"You have one life, why wouldn't you play?"

In her career, Drew particularly enjoyed the make-up she sported as insecure copy editor Josie Geller in 'Never Been Kissed' because producers thought she'd gone "too far" and looked "too crazy".

She said: "My favourite movie make-up look? I'm going to go with 'Never Been Kissed'. Because I remember the studio calling me and going, OK, I think this is going too far. I think you look too crazy."

"The point of a girl's journey is not about the way she looks. In fact, take her all the way, everyone loves a makeover, let's go all the way with that.”