Ariana stumbles as she performs Thank you, Next on Ellen

10:15 (GMT+2) Fri, 09 Nov 2018

Ellen DeGeneres invited Ariana Grandé to perform her latest single Thank you, Next.

Ariana who was dressed in white, with to backup singers on stage with her, had knee-high boots on with a heel that was not chair-to-floor dance-friendly.

The singer who is known for her great vocal range, stepped on to a chair to dance as she sang the second verse of the latest get over your ex-anthem, Thank you, Next, and took a stumble as she hopped off.

As soon as it happened, the vocals were interrupted with a quick "oh my god" and a chuckle by the singer who thankfully can laugh at herself.

Following the stumble, Ariana and her back-up singers had a little fun as they playfully danced to the last part of the song, while running up the stairs through the crowd.

Ellen has to call her back to thank her for the performance and offer everyone in the crowd a copy of her latest album, Sweetener.

Watch the stumble and catch below: