Leonardo DiCaprio takes another bold step for the planet

08:06 (GMT+2) Thu, 12 Jul 2018

Big name celebrities have the great power to influence society in terms of ideals and lifestyles. Take Beyoncé and Tom Brady, for example, who have both promoted plant-based diets to their massive fan bases, causing many to be inspired and follow the cue of their favorite idols.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who has been America’s favorite boy next door since the start of his acting career, is now a respectable key figure in the fight to save our Earth. He has long been a staunch advocate for the planet, speaking openly and publicly about changes that must be made to protect and conserve the environment and fight climate change and species extinction. Not only has he lent his voice to the greater cause, undoubtedly inspiring countless people, but he has also donated substantial sums (tens of millions upon tens of millions and millions more) of his amassed fortune to environmental organizations and efforts to help save critically endangered species like the Vaquita porpoise, lions, and animals devastated by palm oil plantations. He also has invested in Beyond Meat and other vegan snacks, and now, plant-based dairy alternative brand Califia Farms.

Califia Farms, known for their 100 percent plant-based dairy alternative beverages, recently secured $50 million in investments and brought on a board of celebrities who support plant-based living. Leonardo DiCaprio is on the board, as is Jared Leto, Karlie Kloss, Shaun White, Tyler Hubbard, Brian Kelley, and entertainment advisory groups PLUS Capital and Big Loud Capital. With these new partnerships, Califia Farms will be sponsoring this year’s summer tour of Leto’s band 30 Seconds to Mars, where concert-goers will be shown a 90-second video about Califia Farms and their namesake, Queen Califia, who is said to embody the energy of California, where the brand is based.

Considering the dairy industry is responsible for massive air and water pollution, contributes greatly to greenhouse gases and climate change, and is guilty of extreme animal welfare violations, these celebrities and Califia Farms are doing something great for the environment and animals.

We love celebrities who use their fame, fortune, and influence to create positive change for the greater good of the world. Thank you, Leo, and all other celebrities who speak out and act on behalf of animals and the environment!

Source: The Green Planet