The most popular browsers and operating systems for smartphones and PCs

17:02 (GMT+2) Wed, 11 Jul 2018

Net Market Share data for June 2018 shows that Google Chrome is still the most popular browser on both PC and mobile, while Windows 7 remains ahead of Windows 10 in adoption.

Chrome’s share of the desktop market saw a slight decrease since the previous month, but it retains over 60% dominance on both platforms.

Its competitors have far smaller pieces of the market, with Safari ranking second on mobile with a market share of 24.66%.

Internet Explorer has extended its lead over Firefox in the desktop browser rankings, widening the gap between the two to around 5 percentage points.

OS data

The desktop market data shows that Windows 7 boasts a market share of 43%, around 8 percentage points higher than that of Windows 10.

On the mobile side, Android is still the most popular OS by far, although its adoption by version remains fragmented compared to Apple’s iOS.

The most popular Internet browsers and operating systems across mobile and desktop for June 2018 are listed below.

Desktop browser share

Mobile browser share

Desktop operating systems

Mobile operating systems