Vatiswa Ndara pens incriminating letter to Arts Minister about Ferguson Films

08:20 (GMT+2) Wed, 09 Oct 2019

Former iGazi actress Vatiswa Ndara has posted a six-page open letter to the Minister of Sports, Arts &Culture in which she accuses Ferguson Films of exploitation. Vatiswa played the character NomaRussia in the series and says she will not be returning for the third series because of working conditions as described in her letter.

In her missive to Minister Nathi Mthethwa, she incriminates power couple Connie and Shona Ferguson. The couple owns the production House, Ferguson Films for whom she was working.

In her letter posted on Twitter, she asked the Minister to intervene in cases where actors were not getting paid what was due to them.

She also went on to describe incidences of ill-treatment in the entertainment industry as well as unfair contractual agreements, poor remuneration, bullying nad even intimidation.

Once her letter was posted, it was not long before actor Keke Mphuti alleged on Twitter that she had been fired by the Fergusons for being pregnant.

Since then many in the industry have offered their support and described similar situations. Pearl Thusi is one such industry heavyweight who has come out in support of Vatiswa and even suggested that it is time actors formed a union.

At the time of posting this article, there had been no response from the Ferguson camp.

You can read the letter written by Vatiswa Ndara right here.