Steve Hofmeyr raises R56 000 for his DStv decoder competition

07:42 (GMT+2) Wed, 19 Jun 2019

Steve Hofmeyr has announced via his Facebook page that he has managed to raise R56 000 in prize money to give away to a number of fans who destroy their DStv decoders in the most creative way.

Last month Steve called on his supporters to destroy their DStv dishes and decoders after MultiChoice made the decision to remove all content featuring the Afrikaans singer from all their platforms due to his controversial and devisive poiitial viewpoints.

In retaliation, Steve was quick to make a social media video of himself destroying his DStv dish and decoder. He then went one step further and challenged his fans to do the same. The competition is ending this week when Steve will announce the winner.

He took to Facebook this week to say that he was he was upping the prize money from R10,000 to R20,000 after collecting R56,000 in sponsorships. He also listed who had donated what prize money.

He has already started announcing the winning videos on his Facebook page.