Tiger Brands polony will soon be back on the shelves as lawsuit looms

07:44 (GMT+2) Fri, 07 Dec 2018

Ready-to-eat processed meats from Enterprise such as polony and viennas, will soon return to the shelves.

Tiger Brands says this is following the re-opening of their factory in Polokwane.

The local Municipality's Environmental Health Department provided them with a Certificate of Acceptability following the listeriosis outbreak.

Earlier this week Tiger Brands confirmed that a class action lawsuit will be brought against the company.

The Outbreak was the worst in the World's history and claimed more than 200 lives. Most of the victims ate polony or processed meats from Enterprise.

Tiger Brands said it will respond appropriately to legitimate claims if it is held liable.

Earlier on Monday Gauteng Deputy Judge President Mojapelo issued a certificate for a class action lawsuit to be brought against the company after the parties agreed that the two class action applications be joined into one.

In a statement, Tiger Brands said while no liability has been established against it for the listeriosis outbreak, it said it was working with the claimants' attorneys to expedite the matter.

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Mary Jane Morifi says the company's committed to acting with honesty and integrity throughout this process.

Notice of the Class Action will be sent out through adverts on radio and in newspapers, postings on social media and via the websites of Tiger Brands and the Class Action attorneys.

Further, notices will be sent to health practitioners.