12:19 (GMT+2) Thu, 13 Sep 2018

Built to help you close more deals

We have identified that many SMEs have limited to no access to a reputable and scalable CRM tool which can be acquired and implemented to support and drive the sales process and strategy at an SME level. Moreover, at the SME level, the sales strategy is often supported by an ineffectual manual process and approach which is highly susceptible to human error and lacks effective monitoring. As such, companies at this level tend to be further challenged when it comes to attaining the following:

Applying a comprehensive approach to GET customers by ensuring that an effective and efficient customer prospecting plan is in place. Thus ensuring that there is accurate identification and attraction of ‘suspects’ which can be converted to prospects.

Adequate management of contacts (usually a manual and strenuous activity leading to many mistakes) in the company pipeline to ensure that opportunities are timeously converted to sales thus placing lead generation and revenue growth at the forefront of the business.

In-depth analysis of sales progression via reports and other insightful functionality. This is particularly useful for sales forecasting and proving business sustainability and growth to other stakeholders of the business such as VC and Centre Manager) has been developed to address the above-identified key challenges relating to sales for venture-backed SMEs. Our solution aims to provide access to a reputable and scalable automated salesforce tool which through its automated functionalities will help SMEs achieve better revenue growth through accelerated sales tactics.

Team members:

Odwa Ndyaluvane - CEO & Founder

Unathi Mcube - COO & Business Development

Kipson Tshidino - Lead Developer

Lundi - Developer