11:16 (GMT+2) Thu, 13 Sep 2018

Batsamayi is a company that brings ideas to life with the aim of “Meeting The Future…Halfway!” Batsamayi envisions a South Africa where health software plays a major role in the quality delivery of public and private health services. 


Batsamayi aims to offer a range of electronic health Software Services which will enable hospitals, private practices and clinics alike to better manage continuous patient care and vastly improve internal processes. 

The Software Service will focus on the critical spheres of the health sector. These include, but are not limited to: 

Patient Records management 

Emergency health services 

Managing Patient referrals 

Patient accounts and payments 


Batsamayi will start with a patient records management software service. The development team will focus on perfecting the existing prototype and have it ready for clients to use. 

A cost model will be implemented which will enable the development team to continuously improve the software for the benefit of its clients and their clients. 

Thereafter, the company will launch the other software services. All these software services will enable the health sector to work in an interconnected system where the entire health service is catered for. 

The aim is to make it easier for physicians to work and work together to better service the entire South African population.