Intsika Community Projects

09:54 (GMT+2) Wed, 10 Apr 2019


Who is Intsika?  Intsika is a Non-Profit Organisation started in January 2016 in an attempt to address the cycle of poverty in the Greenbushes area through the education and mentorship of children in the community.  It is also registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO number: 930058127) since May 2017, which allows tax-deductibility for any monetary donations for donors.

 Intsika is a Xhosa word meaning the strongest pole or poles that support a structure.  Its literal translation is “our pillar”

Original programmes 

At the start of the 2018 year, Intsika had three main programmes that it was involved in in the community, being:

Early childhood development assistance through help provided to two crèches in the community specifically with the teaching of Grade O to prepare the children for primary school.  We also connect crèche teachers to training institutions and provide advice on good curriculum and extramural activities.

Mentorship and support to youth and children of the community through a Friday Kids Club where children hear a Christian message in a fun, relevant and interactive way.  Intsika is reaching approximately 120 children through this programme in the year.

When resources allowed, we also had a Reading / Homework Programme which provided assistance with foundation phase (Grade 1-3) school children through reading/homework clubs to alleviate some of the academic challenges that they face.  This programme was reaching approximately 110 children in the year and was based at the local primary school. At the moment, this programme has been put on hold until we have enough space and staff to continue with it.

Early childhood development focus 

Having worked in the community for a number of years and better understanding its needs and the ability of the organisation to add value, Intsika decided in July 2018 to focus its efforts on the early childhood development programme and specifically school readiness for the 4-5-year-olds (Grade 0).  Intsika believes that this approach will allow it to more effectively reach the community and have a long-term higher impact on the lives of the community members in Greenbushes/Kuyga, let alone the 22 children actually concerned.

Classes commenced for 17 excited children in the week of 14 January 2019 and five additional pupils have been accepted.

     List for Stationary needs :

    Jumbo wax crayons:

    Typek white A4 paper

    Paint Pots


    HB Pencils

    Pencil sharpener


    Glue sticks

    Liquid craft glue

    Glitter (for craft) x 40 packs/pots

    Creative and Colouring Books



    A5 hardcover book 

    Jumbo koki's 25 packs

    White Board Maker (black, blue and red)

    30 page Flip File

    A4 bright colour paper pad

    Books for the classroom library

Drawer Storage facilities for the teacher

Clear Storage box for Toys

Cushions for reading corner

Sand toys

Educational toys

Contact details

 Intsika Community Projects

31 Macon Road


Port Elizabeth


 Tel: +27 41 379 5029

Cell: +27 83 314 6267


Contact Person: Yandiswa Siwisa

Banking details 

Account Name: Intsika Community Projects NPO

Bank: FNB 

Branch Code: 211417

Account No: 62657291705

Bank swift code: FIRNZAJJ