Team Blessings

08:29 (GMT+2) Thu, 04 Apr 2019


Blessings From Me To EL believe that every person has the right to adequate food obtained with dignity. We work to prevent hunger and malnutrition by providing food to people in need today, to be soon a hunger-free community tomorrow.

 Current projects: Feeding up to 100 People with ready meals every Monday. Distributing food parcels to needy families. Helping with clothing, school items. Assisting struggling mothers with babies. Helping job seekers by assisting in compiling a professional CV and preparing for best image projection during job interviews.

 List of our needs: Blessings from me to you EL is entirely dependent on donations. Our needs are daily food items, funding for transport and energy ( electricity, water) but not restricted to only these items. For this, we need regular donors, cash donations, food (non-perishable) but also perishable food for our soup kitchen. Donations of clothing, Baby items, household goods. A gas cooker or stove and large pot would be a welcome help. ( an open fire is used at the moment ). We need regular ( permanent donors) and volunteers from the Westbank community and surrounding areas.

We also run a charity shop for which we always need donations.

Our success story: There are 2 projects to name: Our regular Monday feeding of ready-made ( Restaurant ) food which has been going on for several months and the opening of our Charity Shop, where people can buy used items and clothing, but where we also cloth needy people for free.

Project Manager: Louise Leendertz Torr

8a Alexander Road, Westbank, East London

Cell Phone No: 081 706 8056


( alt. K.Rodemann Tel 083 324 5032)

Banking details: We do not work with cash donations as a rule. All of our needs are covered by material donations, food donations and vouchers. If however, somebody would like to make a donation in cash, we will make arrangements for the money transfer.