Abantu Development Agency

10:33 (GMT+2) Tue, 26 Mar 2019


Through our projects and programs, we aim to provide the necessary resources and development assistance to the communities. Our approach to addressing the challenges on a local level is highly influenced by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our current projects :

School Radio project club:

We try to find different ways of learning and presenting knowledge while teaching new skills through broadcasting.

Magical doors through learning spaces:

Magical Doors takes the concept of beautifying public spaces to unparalleled heights through transforming classroom doors into unique pieces of art, using mosaic.

Social Entrepreneurship:

This project seeks to help people to help themselves through using social entrepreneurship to solve issues experienced in society. 

A list of our needs:

-We need basic secondhand broadcasting equipment to set up a real mini radio studio at the school

-We need people who can donate in kind in helping to put together an effective computer training program for the kids and the community.

-Funds to have our first social entrepreneurship camp 

-Someone who can assist with basic gardening equipment and expertise to start our food security project

-Help with funds to send penpal letters to and from German pupils as part of our penpal initiative.

A success story :

One of our success stories is finally having a proper computer lab thanks to a generous donation from Isuzu.

Contact person

Bantu Mtshiselwa

Tel/Cell: 076 152 5231

Physical Address: 10258 ,Madikane Street Kwazakhele PE

Banking details for those who may wish to donate  :


- Account Name Abantu Development Agency(Miss N A Songwiqi)

- Account Number: 15082611657

- Branch Code:620

- Account Type: Business Account

- Reference: Algoa Cares