Kids of Tomorrow

10:22 (GMT+2) Wed, 13 Mar 2019


I try to help meet the needs the creches may have.  These needs range from stationery needs, toys, educational material, books and their most urgent need is for food.

We are wanting to rebuild the structure at the one creche as their present structure is a shack with pieces of corrugated iron nailed together. These are now rusted and leaking.

The most urgent and ongoing “project” is to raise funds for food at the creches.  The families attending the creches are very very poor and often unemployed and hence very little food at home so it is imperative for the kids to get a decent meal at school.  School fees are only R100 a month so often the teachers don’t have leftover money to buy food.

A list of our needs :

Food, food and more food ??

Handwash for the dry pit toilets

Educational toys for ages 1-7 years of age

Sleeping mattresses and blankets for their nap time

Fans/heaters as the shacks are scorching hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter

Gas stove (3 plates) and pots and pans

2 large steel storage cabinets so the rats can't get into the food

A success story :

 Last year we managed to secure funds to build a completely new structure with a cement floor and with some help it has been decorated and fully kitted out as a creche.  It is a stunning building which  the kids will enjoy for many many years

  • Contact person
  • Belinda Wolff
  • Tel/Cell:
  • 083-299-0288
  • Physical Address:
  • The creches are in Airport Valley and Walmer Location
  • Banking details for those who wish to donate :


- Account Name           Standard Bank Newton Park

- Account Number:       080 130 984

- Branch Code:             050017

- Account Type:            Cheque

- Reference: Algoa Cares