Jikani Community Incubator

09:44 (GMT+2) Fri, 30 Nov 2018

The Jikani Community Incubator is based in Hogsback and supports youth entrepreneurs to create jobs and tackle poverty. We are focused on game changing and sustainable businesses for people, profits and planet. We focus on the historically important 3 river valleys of Katberg, Tyume and Keiskammahoek, where most of our political struggle heroes were educated. This is also where rich virgin soils lie, ready to become the bread basket of SA. Jikani is also leading a plastic-free Eastern Cape through our work with Eco-Bricks. Several East London schools have been awesome contributors to this project as well.

Project 1:

We have so many awesome businesses - this is just one: 

Develop Flax Agri Co-Operatives. We have proved that our area can grow great Flax. We can harvest the seed for linseed and flax meal, whilst the fibres can readily be sold to local linen producers, thus enabling downstream clothing manufacturing, especially when combined with EC wool and mohair.

Project 2:

Silvopasture Agri Co-Operatives. Silvopasture ranks 9th out of 100 best initiatives for CO2 mitigation, on Project Drawdown. It's essentially combining animal husbandry (dairy cattle) with forest crops such as wild mushrooms (Porcini and Shitake), as well as harvesting rare woods. Plus, tourists can come and bathe in the forest, what the Japanese call Shinrin-Yoku.

Project 3:

Recycling & Fertiliser Production Co-Operatives. In Hogsback we recycle all our wood slash, through chippers. This provides essential carbon, which is combined with nitrogen from nearby dairy manures. We will then add potassium and other essential fertiliser elements, including bio-char, to create possibly SA's best fertiliser for sale.

A list of our needs:

Flax Agri Co-Operatives - requires circa R80k for seeds and training. Land and expertise is available. 

Silvopasture Agri Co-Operatives - requires circa R100k for training, cattle purchases, fencing and renting of some more land. Expertise is available. 

Recycling & Fertiliser Production Co-Operatives - requires circa R300k for equipment and training. Expertise, land and feedstock is all freely available. 

Street Address: 11 Main Road

Suburb: Hogsback

Town: Hogsback

Province: Eastern Cape

Contact person: Bevan Jones

Contact Number: 045 962 1001

Contact Cell: 082 041 5875

Should you wish to make a donation here are our banking details :

Bank: First National Bank

Account Name: Jikani Cheque

Branch Code: 250-655

Account Number: 62391132075

Reference: Algoa Cares